In TJ For A Little Upkeep

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The headliner on the car was looking bad, the rear window was pooping out and I wanted to get the car polished. Oh and the front spoiler wasn’t ready when I picked the car up so I needed to grab that as well. So I called Ramiro at Los Panchos where I had the car painted a few years ago and he said to come down and give him a few hours and he would take care of me. I can’t say enough about how well they have taken care of me. Great work and great quality and when I had an issue they handled it. Excellent stuff!!!

  • Problem 1 was the headliner. Around the sunroof it was a little ragged. It also had an exposed end showing and a slight rip.
  • Problem 2 was the rear window popping out which allowed the rear of the headliner to come undone and hang down. I think this was due to the inferior Uro window seal. I have a BMW OEM seal for them to use instead.
  • Problem 3 wasn’t really a problem but I wanted the car to have a real good polish and wax.

They handled all three in just a few hours. I’m very pleased with the outcome! Here are some pics of the car after the work was done.

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