10 Year Anniversary!!!

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Ten years ago today my BMW 2002 restoration project began.  It was a fairly  easy search.  I looked for a BMW 2002 on craigslist and I found the Ad.  Here is what it said…

“1976 BMW Model 2002. Car has been used for last 5 years as an around town car, first in San Francisco and now in Sausalito. Has been parked in covered spot. Car is in good condition. Perfect for a second car or for a teenager as an affordable first car. Well maintained and seller is motivated. Have local garage as reference.”

Asking price was $3500.  

I called and asked about it…no visible rust, running, one minor accident that he knew of and it was professionally repaired. The color…Fjord Blue.  My 2 color choices were Fjord Blue or Pastelblau.  I had a Pastelblau 2002 in the 90s and I missed it!  This one also has a factory sunroof.  All things I wanted in a car.  The only thing was the car was 500 miles away in Northern California. Sausalito to be exact which is the little town on the North side of the Golden Gate bridge across from San Francisco.  The relevance was my first 2002 in the 90s also a blue 1976 sunroof car was bought in Sausalito.   It was a Thursday.  I told him I would fly up on Saturday Morning and if everything looked good, I would drive it 500 miles to Southern California.  Here are some of the pictures he sent…


When i got to sausalito to see the car it was at his mechanics on a lift and I was able to see under the car and it looked good.  He told his mechanic I was planning on driving it 500 miles and his mechanic insisted he give it a once over, oil change and a tuneup.  I didnt even negotiate the price.  Handed him the cash and i drive 500 miles home!   The car smoked a bit, didnt have a working heater, and didn’t go over 70mph but I LOVED every minute!!!!   Here is a pic when I got it and how it looks today. 

1976 BMW 2002 – December 2008
1976 BMW 2002 – December 2018

Its been an amazing 10 years…heres to many many more!!!


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