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Now that 2019 is here we all make New Years goals. Here are my goals for the car:

Door Panels and speaker grill.

Rebuild Center console

3.64 Limited slip differential install

Carburetor rebuild/replace (Weber 38 rebuild or dual Weber DCOE 40 rebuild and install)

Front and rear Stainless Steel bumpers or Rechrome and repair existing bumpers.

Redrill and repaint old BBS wheels for second set.

New front brake calipers and rotors

Replace blown subwoofer

Belt line trim install

Sunroof seal install

Adjust windows

Door brakes

Engine bay rewire and cleanup

Hi Capacity radiator install

Space Saver spare

Trunk board reward and install

Laguna Seca Track Day

Phew! What a list! It feels like I’m near the end of the project but then you can rattle off so many things that need to be done. It’s why they say they are never finished, just a state where you are happy with them.

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