800 mile round trip in a day!

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Just did my Bay Area one day trip. It’s about 400 miles each way. I was a little worried as I have a pretty good oil leak I can’t track down. So I made sure I had a few quarts of oil and checked the oil level every time I got gas. The car ran flawlessly. It easily got to 85 mph and cruised there without a hiccup. On the way back it got as hot as 102 degrees. The car ran nice and cool and never even got warm. I just tinted the windows and that helped keep the car nice and cool. I think it’s a tad dark but we will see for now. If I want to change it later I can. Here are some pics. Car with tint and a pic of the gauges at 85 mph in 102 degrees heat.




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  1. Great News. Sounds like an awesome trip.

    You know I like to travel in my 02. I drive my 02 more than my 2001 Z3. I’m getting the itch to travel again. It’s hot here in San Antonio. I’m thinking about driving it down your way in cooler weather by February (ish) at the latest. Then going on to San Diego for a weekend.

    Your car is looking good and evidently performing well.

    I’ll keep you posted.

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