A day in the canyons…..

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It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon. I decided to take the 2002 into the twisty mountain roads of Ortega Highway. Plenty of high speed sweepers, hairpins, and small offshoots that would allow me to evaluate the suspension and motor. I have traveled this road before in all of my sports cars as of late. The all wheel drive Porsche Carrera 4 supercar that I had, the 306 HP luxury sports sedan in the IS350, and now the giant killer 2002. I can honestly say that the most exhilarating was the giant killer. Simple, yet fun and nimble. VERY nimble. What amazed me most is the turning ability. The 33 year old car was able to turn in sharply and at times surprised me with more turn in than I had imagined. I seemed to learn to compensate for a bit of understeer in todays modern cars, but that was not at all present in the 2002. In fact it behaved in exactly the opposite manner. Sharp turn ins, TONS of grip at all four corners, and very high entry speeds. This TRULY is the car that gave BMW its reputation. It is the car that started it all. My only complaint was the lack of free roads in front of me. Lots of Harleys on the road and well, they are not exactly nimble through the windy roads. I plan to go back, maybe mount a video camera and document the ride. Here is a pic at the top of the mountains.

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