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The audio system has been awesome. My only complaint is the iPhone connection. I have gone through about 5 in the last 2 cars. It’s always the same. The power wire breaks somewhere and it stops charging. It isn’t a big deal for local driving but on the road trip it was. Had to be creative about power consumption and charging. So the current system is a hard wired iPod interface with charging capabilities that gives me a clean line level output in RCA connectors for the head unit. Now since the iPhone 5 and the new lightning connector I was using an apple adapter to go from 30 pin to lightning.


So I ordered a new lightning to RCA cable with charging capabilities. The model I got was the iSimple 7505.  The lightning connector is digital so it’s doing a conversion to analog then sending that to the deck. Depending on the quality of the conversion this may result in a higher quality audio signal and eliminate the use of the adapter. All in all a cleaner look.


Installation was super simple.  I pulled the center console, unplugged the old interface, plugged in the new cable and then connected the ground wire and 12v wire to a keyed power source and I was done.  It was a less than 5 minute install.


The results.  All positive.  Cleaner sound.  Audio and charging all in one cable.



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