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Its nothing serious or terminal…just my already bad starter finally quitting.  I have been putting this off for almost 2 years and its the first time the 02 has not started…EVER.  I tell people that cars talk to you and tell you when they are going to die on you…and most people who have chronic ca issues dont listen to them.  I didnt listen.  My car was slow and sluggish to turn over most of the time, but it always started…yesterday it didnt.  So I had 3 options..


  1. 1.Replace it with a direct replacement 2002 starter.  What fun is that? (1 kW)


I feel that when you own an older car when things fail UPGRADE them!  Before you know it everything is updated and upgraded…so on to the funer options!


  1. 2.BMW E30 M3 starter (Bosch SR440x).  Lighter than the 2002 Starter and more powerful (1.4 kW).  The only downside is its about twice as much for a new one.


  1. 3.BMW 535, 635, M5 starter (Bosch SR441x).  Still lighter than a 2002 Starter and even more powerful (1.7 kW) than the M3 starter.  Its usually cheaper than the M3 starter since its not for the “M” cars.


I went for option 3…found a place locally and for $70 bucks with a 1 year warranty I was ready to install.


The install is very straightforward.  The hard part os getting the old one off and out…its a tight space under the intake manifold and I bet if you have sidedrafts, they’ed have to come out.  I just had one very stubborn bolt that WOULD NOT come off…once that was done installation of the smaller and lighter starter was simple.  Now the car fires right up!


Here are pics of the new starter and that one stubborn bolt!

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