Clutch Rehab! Clutch return spring replacement

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So for YEARS my clutch pedal has been flopping around. I’m ashamed that the fix for this cost me $14 in parts and took less than 30 minutes to complete.  Background. One day I’m driving along happily. I press the clutch to shift and hear a loud pop and the clutch pedal lost tension. I was still able to shift and drive the pedal just got very light and flopped around. This was maybe a year into my 02 ownership and I was far less confident in my repair abilities. I asked a few local shops and no one had definitive answers on how to repair it, probably because they were not savvy with the 02. Fast forward 4 years and the pedal was driving me crazy. So I did some research and looked at diagrams and found the parts needed from the dealer. (Pretty amazing to call the dealer and order parts for a 40 year old car!). Grand total of $14.01 for the spring and 2 plastic bushings. Then asking the 2002 Faq and I got the answer that it was possible to replace the spring WITHOUT removing the pedal box!  So I was able to disconnect the clutch pedal, back out the screw that holds the pedals in place just far enough to remove the clutch pedal.  Then I removed the broken spring and placed the new spring on the pedal and then reinstalled the pedal. BAM!  Clutch pedal now has tension!  One problem was solved!  I’m shocked and embarrassed that it took me 4+ years to fix the clutch pedal when it cost me $14 and 30 minutes. Now in this process I realized the clutch master cylinder is leaking so it’s time to replace that this week.

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