First time for everything….

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Not the kind of thing you want for a first time but after nearly four years of the car never being towed it happened. Since the clutch master or slave cylinders have failed it was undeliverable without doing damage to the transmission or wearing out the clutch so I put her on a flatbed and had her towed to the shop.

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  1. This is almost an everyday occurrence when I take mine out. I’m used to this kind of picture. Don’t know how I can drive from San Antonio, TX to San Diego, LA, and La Jolla and can’t drive around my city without putting it on a flatbed. I’m used to it, but I don’t wish it on you. Coming to the San Diego Jazz Fest at the La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, CA. Driving back to San Diego on Monday the 27th of May. We’ll be in the Gaslamp district. Let me know if you’ll be available.. I’d love to take a look at your 2002. Take care.

    1. E. Will! Hey Brotha! I was just thinking I hadnt heard from you in a while. Sorry about the flatbed issues…thats wild. I’ll be around, I’ll try and make it down to SD for that.

      1. Sounds good. I’ll check with you on your site or call me if you can make it. My mobile is 210-452-3070. Hope to hear from you. Take care..

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