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Nearly 20 years ago my first car that I bought with my own saved money was a Fjord Blue 1976 BMW…it had dents in both doors, primer spots, and rust in a few key places, including the drivers side floorboards which were actually gone and seat stuffing all over the place. By the time I finished with the car, the rust was gone, I had Recaro Seats and 15 inch rims, new doors and PERFECT paint. That was then, and ever since the car was gone, I was looking for another. It happened in early December, nearly 20 years later. I saw an ad on Craigslist for a 1976 BMW, blue, factory sunroof, and from what I could see from the pics was in pretty good shape. I called and asked about rust, and there was none in the usual places…..so I flew to San Francisco the next day, bought the car and drove it 400 miles home to Newport Beach! It ran flawlessly the whole way down. Never skipped a beat. It never revved over 4000 RPM, so the engine is not running quite right. Dash lights and high beams didnt work, and the heater was more like a “warmer” as it was never hot, just kinda warm. The vents stayed open, couldnt close them and it was about 40 degrees that night. Over the next few weeks I will get the motor checked out, get a compression check and assess the electrical system. I was even stopped at the gas station by someone who was admiring how good the car looked for its age! “How long have you had this? It’s in great shape?…uh about 2 hours.”…..


Here are the pics I was emailed before I flew up to buy the car.


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  1. Hello-thank you for taking the time to document the restoration of your BMW 2002. The information in your blog has been very helpful to me, as I’m restoring my 1974 BMW 2002. Sincerely-Scott

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