Mt Baldy Vintage BMW Car Drive!

Posted on restoration of my 1976 BMW 2002

IMG_2843 - Version 2
Took the car to the Mt. Baldy Vintage BMW drive. This is a very cool drive through the local mountains. It was a nice sunny day, not too hot, in the 80’s. It was nice to see some cool 2002s. Some stock and completely restored, some wild with flares and some in the middle. This wasnt going to be a break neck speed run through the mountains, just a nice brisk medium speed run to drive these old cars through the mountain roads. I imagine this is probably the closest thing to the Alps and in Southern California. This wasnt just for 2002s, there were E9s, E21s, E30s, a 1600 with Aplina flares and engine bits, a 2000 Sedan with an S14 motor in it and even a Maserati Bora! The car handled the mountain roads like a billy goat and accelerated, turned, and stopped with the best of the bunch. It ran like a champ and I had zero issues mechanically. I am still getting some puffs of smoke on deceleration. The valve guides were changed with the top end rebuild, I’m suspecting its that number 4 cylinder that showed some oil on the plugs initially. I’m planning a bottom end build to address that, but thats a different post…All in all the 02 ran great and I had a blast in the mountains with her! Here are some sights and sounds of the drive…Enjoy!

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