New Carberetor…Problems solved!

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So a new Weber 38 DGES carb was installed and now there is no stumble and no leaks!  The swap was simple. 4 bolts, one hose and the linkage.  The new carb came with an air cleaner and was missing one screw on the linkage. Not a big deal. Pulled it off the old carb and I was all set. Once everything was tightened up I turned the ignition and it fired right up!  Did a quick mixture adjustment and took it for a quick spin.  Not bad.  Not perfect.  I then swapped the main jet and idle jet from the old carb.  I drove around for the day like that then the following morning adjusted the choke and timing again as well as did another carb adjustment.  Right now the car idles great, runs great, no hesitations or stumbles, no fuel leaks and actually less black smoke from the exhaust (Bad rings).

Update:  So The car runs great once its warmed up, but now runs HORRIBLY when cold.  What gives?

I adjusted a bunch of things and still no dice until I found the choke throttle plate adjustment screw.  This adjusts the throttle while the choke is engaged…once I found that the idle while the choke was engaged smoothed out and now I can adjust all facets of the carb and dial it in.  I would say its about 80% there.  I will dial in the timing, mixture, idle speed and choke.  I’m also gonna clean those wires up!!  I will still swap out the fuel pump and the Pertronix Ignitor module just because and keep these as backups.

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  1. Did you remove all the EGR stuff? Any trouble passing smog? I just picked up a 76 2002 with a Weber 32/36 and thats my first project, trying to get it to pass…

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