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So it's been about 7 years since this exhaust has been on the car. It's loud and aggressive.  So now that the car has gotten painted the wife has now complained about it being too loud. I actually mentioned it years ago but maybe because it was shabby looking she didn't mind as much. Lol.  It's currently got a Ireland Engineering street header to a flex pipe to a glass pack as a resonator to a 4 inch rear muffler.  Anyway I drove in to Orange County muffler and told them I wanted it a little quieter but still with some attitude. He suggested a 6" round Flowmaster muffler to replace the 4" round Flowmaster that was on the car. He was also going to route the pipes to line the exhaust to the cutout on the body and then a nice polished stainless tip on the end for a nice visual effect. I also had the muffler mount replaced for a nicer looking one. The last one was put on as a quick fix because the stock muffler mount broke and the muffler was hanging. The 6 inch muffler should give it a deeper sound as well as reducing the overall volume. Win win!  

The results:

Visually it's a HUGE improvement. The exhaust hanger was replaced with a much nicer one. The exhaust tip is perfectly centered and positioned in the exhaust cutout. The polished tip comes out to the edge of the bumper. 

Sonically it's quieter. That's for sure. Almost stealth quiet. It's a deeper growl but quiet and smooth.  I'm not sure I like the volume. I will drive it for a few weeks and see if it gets a little louder.  The cabin noise is quieter and because. The exhaust smell coming into the car is gone!  I think the fact that the exhaust tip sticks farther out, just past the bumper means that exhaust isn't coming into the trunk and back into the car.  Here are some pics of  the process and a video with clips of both exhaust systems.

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