Separation Anxiety

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It’s time to get this oil leak fixed. I have been talking to Ken Blasko at Vintage BMW Racing and it’s now come to me dropping the 02 off for him to go through the engine. He drove it and was impressed with the power and performance. So we are gonna do some mild upgrades while he is in there. Nothing drastic. It’s already got piano to high compression pistons with a 284 cam. I then added a Weber 38/38 carb. Aside from pulling most of the engine apart we are going to do a complete head rebuild. Valve job. New rockers and a 292 cam. Then he’s gonna put it all back together and make sure there are no leaks. I should get a big more power from the 292 and this will prepare the car for the dual 40 DCOEs. It’s now a matter of being without the 02 for a few weeks.

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