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Today was the day that I got estimates for paint and bodywork from two reputable shops in Tijuana, Mexico. To my knowledge it’s the first time the car has left the country, it’s now an international 2002!
The experience was a crazy one. The border crossing was brief. If you blink you pretty much would miss it and the next thing you know you are in Mexico!!  I got the two estimates and now I must make a choice about which one to go with. It’s a tough choice but I think I am going to go with the one that was busier and had about 5 late model European cars there. A few VWs, a couple Benzs and a late model BMW. It’s also the one with a slightly cheaper  estimate. Los Panchos is where the 2002 will be painted!

Here’s a rundown of what they are doing:

Filling in the 8 or so small wholes left from the Euro Bumper installation on the front and rear.

Removing both doors and cutting out the rotted and rusted metal from the bottom of the doors and welding in new metal.

Cutting out 3 inch patch of rust on the outside of drivers side door and welding in new metal.

Cutting out patch of rust in the drivers side rear wheel arch and replacing it with new metal.

Removing hood and addressing small areas of rust as well as re welding the hood braces on the inside of hood. Painting the hood inside and out.

Painting exposed areas of engine bay.

Removing front and rear windows.  Address any rust issues in those areas.

Fill in holes left by the US side markers.

Install Alpina air dam that I am supplying.

Fix all dings and dents.  Block sand all panels and make perfectly straight.

Spray the car in Fjord Blue PPG oil based paint.

Wet sand and polish the car to remove any orange peel or imperfections.

Install new headliner in black.

Reinstall all windows with new window seals that I am supplying

Reinstall tail lights with new seals that I am supplying.

The cost…just under $1,700.  I will need to supply all new seals and the Alpina air dam. I expect that cost to be about $800 for genuine BMW parts bringing the grand total to about $2,500 for the complete job.  I got quotes for similar work locally of $5,000 to $7,000.



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  1. What a great idea! Can you share your experience dealing with Los Panchos, as well as any tips or tricks learned along the way for someone who would want to do the same?

    1. Stay tuned! I have a new blog post detailing the TJ experience. Getting through border checkpoints, insurance as well as dealing with the shop. My car will be going down for paint 6/26/2016.

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