Tijuana Paint Job…Prep and Dropoff!!

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Im in the final prep stages of preparing the car for the Tijuana paint job. I’m ordering the fort and rear windshield gaskets as well as the rear pop out windows gaskets. I’m removing the side markers and also removing the bumpers. I’ll take it down in a week for them to get started and 3-4 weeks later the car should come back looking better than new!!

So this week I ordered all the rubber seals.  I got Uro seals which some have had good luck with and others have not so we will see how those work out.  Also I will remove the door panels and speakers as well as the amp and subwoofer. I’ll also remove the various pieces of chrome trim, fog lights and the front and rear bumpers.  I will also remove the side markers so those holes can be filled in.

Next it was time to remove the bumpers, driving lights, antenna, door panels, sunroof seal, and lower side moldings.

This is what the car looked like without all those things and now is time to drop the car off at Los Panchos in Tijuana!

The drive was a breeze. I chose a low traffic time to go so I was in TJ in no time. The car ran perfect. It was like it knew it was going to get a new paint job lol.

Now comes the hard part. The waiting!  It’s going to be there 3-4 weeks. In that time I’m going to be busy polishing the chrome bumpers, polishing all the trim, trying to source a set of euro flush turn signals, exchanging the alpine air dam for the zender type air dam, and getting a hidden antenna for the stereo since I’m filling in the exterior antenna holes for a more sleek look. I also need to get the long sunroof seal as well.

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