Tuning….highs and lows…ups and downs!

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Now that the new Weber carb is in its now about tuning. I am learning soooo much about how to tune the car it’s mind blowing. Is it rich? Lean? Too much advance? Not enough? Choke adjustments when cold? Throttle plate adjustments?

Im now about 80% there. The car is peppy. Smooth with just one flat spat and just a touch of hesitation. It was too lean and now I think it’s just a bit rich but I think the fine tuning the timing will sort it out and restore the full pep that I’m looking for!


This is so rewarding.  Getting into the meat of how the car runs and feels. In the past I have done minor tune ups and things like that. Now I am directly controlling every aspect of how the car runs.  

My technique now that I have gotten it close is to take a few wrenches and screwdrivers to an isolated location where I can make lots of noise. I haven’t gotten any complaints at home from the early morning noise but the 02 is LOUD with its current exhaust and all the revving and idling in the community I’m sure is annoying to the neighbors. So I found a nice desolate parking lot with a nice low traffic strip of road close by so I can tune and test and retune and retest. Spend an hour thee and I will have tweaked and tuned and this will help me fine tune all the details. For now it runs very good. Except when cold and the choke is operational it has a hesitation. This probably means it’s too lean at idle and an adjustment of the throttle plate should help with that once it warms up the stumble all but disappears. It’s very very slight. So again maybe a tad lean still. One thing I have noticed with the new carb is FAR less smoke. I’m still burning oil but it seems like a much more complete fuel burn in the cylinders. In the back of my mind I am still thinking that just maybe the fuel pump is not working at 100% efficiency and maybe it’s running lean because it’s not pumping enough fuel. The other thing is I didn’t set the height of the float so maybe it’s not working at 100% either. A few things to check. 

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