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Barrett Jackson auctioned off a 74 BMW 2002 over the weekend and it went for…$125,000!  The proceed went to charity but still that’s a huge number!  It wasn’t a Turbo. It wasn’t a Tii. It wasn’t some rare European model from the factory. It was a plain old 74 US 2002 non sunroof car with a few tasteful mods. Yes MODS!  It wasn’t even original or stock!  Now the car which was done by Clarion was an amazing restoration and it was sitting on gorgeous BBS RS 3 piece wheels with a slight drop. The interior was impeccably redone in Oyster leather and the exterior was a flawless Fjord respray with a Euro bumper conversion and US side markers removed.  The engine was a complete rebuild with a 292 cam and dual 40 side draft carbs. That was connected to an e21 5 speed and a LSD differential. There was a complete Clarion touchscreen Nav stereo system with amps and subs in the trunk.  This was not to my liking for a classic car, it seemed like it was out of place, but it was very well done.  If this all sounds familiar, its because it is…this build sheet is almost identical to mine.




Here are pics of the Clarion Builds BMW 2002.


The starting point.  Looks a lot like my car when I started, but nicer!!


Stripped down, rust repaired and painted in the factory Fjord Blue!

Cool Parts!  Rebuilt engine, 10:1 Compression, dual sidedrafts, e21, 5 speed, Coilover suspension, Wildwood brakes, BBS RS001 15×7 3 piece rims e21, 3.91 Limited Slip Differential!

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The finished car…Stunning!!!

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