Today was the dawn of a new day!!!

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Ok so the car has been disappointing lately. Engine wasn’t running great because of the tune. I personally wasn’t great at tuning it but I was determined to understand it. Then the rear end. The differential grinding and when that got replaced the scraping noise from the rear of the car became more apparent. Then there was the coolant leak that turned out to be the water pump. So it’s been an eventful month or so. All of this while I wanted to get the car ready for paint. So today was a great day for the car. With some help from the guys on the BMW 2002 FAQ I was able to get the car timed and the adjust the carb. The car runs great now. I would say about 85% there and I know there is some power still there I can probably squeeze out of it with a little fine tuning. Then my buddy Le Tran from 2002 Garage Werks figured out the scraping in the rear end in minutes. Seems like the main nut on the rear hub worked its way loose. And that was causing an intermittent scraping and grinding. He tightened that up and BAM all the rear end noises were now gone! ¬†With a new differential and half shafts as well as a rebuilt diff hanger with poly bushings the drivetrain is amazing and free from noises. I felt so good about the car I washed her and did a nice interior detail. Now I have the pedal box to rebuild as well as the tie rods and ball joints to replace on the front end but the car is now smooth and silent and runs great. ??


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