Back on the road!!! New Differential!

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The car has had a leaky differential for a while and now it seems like its on its last legs so its time to replace it.  I was going to go with a 3.91 LSD but after a lot of research it seems like the 3.64 open diff is just fine for my purposes.  So I found a good used, but resealed and tested unit from my buddy Le Tran of 2002 Garagewerks.  I took the car to him and in a few hours he replaced the differential and the half shafts with rebuilt units.  He also replaced diff bushings with poly bushings.   This should keep the rear end fresh and trouble free for many many years to come!

Old diff and half shafts. 40 years of use!
New diff filled with Amsoil and sealed with cad plated bolts ready to go in!
Rebuilt and powder coated half shafts ready for install!
New diff and half shafts installed with poly diff bushings! Better than new!


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