2017 New Year Plans for the 2002

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Heres my list of things to do with the 02 in 2017. 2016 was a great year and I took huge strides in getting the car to the almost done state. now there are a few big things I want to cross off my list.

1. BBS 15" wheels refurbish and install
Need to polish the lips of the BBS rims and paint the centers. Need to install longer rear wheel studs and add 10-15mm spacers.

2. Bottom end engine rebuild/ring job
The car spits oil out the exhaust. It's a tired bottom end. I have a spare engine that I can use for a core to rebuild. So the decision is to spend the extra cash and do a full bottom end rebuild. Bore it and stroke it and increase displacement. This would probably get me into the 150+ hp range. Or maybe just open up the existing engine and put a set of rings on the current bottom end.

3. Headliner repair
Gotta take the car back to Tijuana and have them redo the headliner. That's just a time and scheduling thing to drop the car off for a few days.

4. Front spoiler install

With the new wheels and the more aggressive stance the front spoiler will complete an aggressive street look for the car.  

5. Coilovers/stance adjustment
Need to finish the coil over build. Then install on the front end and then adjust the stance a tad bit. The rear is good I just want the front maybe 1/2" lower.

6. 5 speed conversion
The Getrag 245 is in the garage. Need to get the rest of the parts and then do the upgrade.

7. 3.64 LSD differential
When my old Differential started howling I replaced it with an open 3.64 diff. That one leaked so Le Tran said to bring it back and pay the difference for the 3.64 LSD.

8. Chrome beltline trim
This is an easy one. I have the stick on trim that's identical to the stock chrome trim. I just have to get the time and the nerve to put it on.  I was waiting until the paint fully cured and hardened and got some wax on it.  That should be on of the first things to happen.

9. Rechrome bumpers

The bumpers were driver quality before the paint and now they stand out as the low point on the car physically.  Rechroming them will go A LONG way to the car looking perfect. 



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