Rings and Bottom End Refresh!

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Things are moving right along with the 2002 in terms of getting things done!  Mechanically the only 2 big things that are remaining are the bottom end rebuild and the 5 speed conversion. So it's time to scratch another one off the list.

The car consumes a good amount of oil and spits out a black spray from the exhaust.  If I am stepping on it I get a good amount of smoke.  When we did the top end work a few years back Ken warned me that a tightened up top end would probably expose a weak bottom end.  It did.  Since the top end is solid and a new cam, valvesh, valve seats, etc were all done a few years back I am opting to do just the rings and refresh.  The hope is the cylinder walls and the pistons are in good shape so just replacing the rings and refreshing the existing parts will keep me grinning for a few more years.  In that time I can build my high performance M10 motor.

Ken Blasko at Vintage BMW Racing, who did the top end rebuild a few years back, is doing the work.  The process is:

  • remove head
  • drop oil pan
  • remove pistons
  • hone the cylinders
  • replace rings
  • replace rod bearings
  • shim oil pump
  • reassemble
  • adjust valves
  • tune car

Once this is done the spitting of oil and smoke should stop and should give me a few years before it's time to do a complete rebuild.

When it's time for a full rebuild I have a spare engine that's completely stock from a 76 that I will rebuild.  That will be a wilder build.


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  1. How do you pass the CA smog inspection/test?
    I also have a ’76 Fjord (original owner) and need to have the air pump, thermal reactor, EGR valve, stock air cleaner, stock advance/retard distributor, and even the air preheat assembly and hose installed and functioning to pass the visual smog test.

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