28 Days Later!

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28days later

Shout out to one of the best zombie movies ever made. 28 Days Later, also the amount of time the car has been in Tijuana, Mexico. Wow. Time flies. I have gotten some updates from Ramiro and he thinks it’s within a week or so of being finished. ??. ┬áThe plan is to get down there and drop off the Ireland front spoiler so they can paint it with the car. From the pics and updates the exterior is nearly done. One side was block sanded and prime red and the other side was close. One door was finished with the rust repair and they were working on the second one. All holes were filled, well too many lol. On the fender where the bumper ends attach, there was a hole there, well they filled in all the holes from the side markers and the old bumpers, but should have left one of the holes for the euro bumpers. No big deal, I can drill two holes and make it exact, the old ones were not quite right, so it’s actually a good mistake! ┬áBack at home I have received Amber and smoke acrylic sheets as well as a set of spare US side markers so I can now make my own set of Euro “style” turn signals. I’ll have a full write up with pics and videos on that coming soon!

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