3 Year Anniversary!

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It’s been 3 years since I have owned Blue. Its been a dream to own such an amazing car! The honeymoon is not over by far. The updates have been slow coming because I have not done anything1 I have just been driving it. Thats about to change! I have a number of unfinished projects that are in line to get done.

1. Rear Brakes
I am not sure if I am doing the 320i rear drum upgrade or the VW Rabbit rear disc upgrade.
The braking power from each is about the same so performance wise there is no difference. The disc upgrade is about triple the cost for me since I already have the drums, and all the parts from a 320, I would just get new shoes and drums and slap them on. Thats PROBABLY what I am going to do, although the sexiness of the rear disc upgrade sounds very cool…I’d go with drilled and slotted discs to match the fronts as well.

1. Weber Dual DCOE 40mm Carbs
I have the carbs and linkage. I just need some misc. parts from Redline for the plumbing. I probably would do a new linkage kit because I think this linkage kit is a bit unsightly as it mounts on top of one of the carbs. I have seen a nice kit that mounts beneath and in between the carbs. I also would upgrade my ignition system as well to go with this. Crane XR3000 and MSD Blaster 2 coil. So all in all about $300 in parts. I am tempted to take my carbs in for a complete rebuild and jetting as well…another $400.

1. Heater Box
I have all the parts, just need the desire to do this….

1. Carpet
I have a complete dark blue Esty carpet kit just waiting to go in. I have decided to do the heater box first as I hear that can be a messy job and why mess up a new carpet kit right?

1. 5 Speed
I have the 320 5 speed sitting in the garage…just need the driveshaft and misc parts and its ready to go…

1. Pedal box rebuild
My clutch return spring has not been working for about a year now. It flops a bit. It would be a good idea to get in there and fix that.

1. Air Dam
I plan on adding the Zender type airdam…

1. Body and Paint
Misc dings and an entire respray.

1. Etc….
I may do some of the following as well if things work out…
a. Stereo – Rear Speakers, Sub and Amp
b. AC
c. Sway Bars
d. 15” BBS Rims

There you have it…a pretty long list of things…but nothing that NEEDS to be done except the rear brakes, thats the most pressing thing. I think I will just go with the rear drum upgrade for now and in the future I may do the rear disc upgrade if I desire. Since the performance wont be any different, I’ll go for the drums for now.

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