Let There Be Light…DRIVING LIGHTS!!!!

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I have ALWAYS loved the look of the 2002 with chrome bumpers and the big round chrome driving lights. I have been planning this since I bought the car. The problem was there are not any NEW round chrome driving lights any more! 1 place sold them and I missed out and they ran out. So I found a used set of Bosch chrome driving lights. They are in excellent shape and are PERFECT. So I installed them last weekend and the front end is nearly complete! Here is my parts list:

2 Bosch Driving lights
5 Sylvania 55 watt H3 bulbs
1 SPST 30 amp relay
1 BMW relay harness
1 Factory fog light switch

I wired it using a standard Bosch relay. Same wiring as my electric fan. Its pretty easy, look up fog light relay wiring and you will get plenty of diagrams. I then wired the switch to the relay and the relay to the lights, ground and the battery itself. BAM! Thats it. Then I mounted the lights on the bumper. It already was drilled for lights so it was perfect. Just bolted the lights down and now I am ready for the night!


IMG_0129 IMG_0122 - Version 2 IMG_0120 IMG_0111

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