6 Month Update

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So I have owned the 2002 for 6 months and well ALOT has been done. So far here is a list of completed items.

✓ Dash lighting fixed
✓ High Beams fixed
✓ Original Carb fixed
✓ Front Struts replaced with Bilstein Sports
✓ Bent Front Strub tube replaced
✓ Ireland Engineering Stage II Sport Springs installed front and rear
✓ 14” BBS RZ rims installed with 195/50/14 tires
✓ Engine replaced with rebuilt long block
9.5:1 Pistons
284 Camshaft
Weber 38/38 DGAV Carb
Canon Intake Manifold
Tii Mechanical advance Distributor
Ireland Engineering Headers
Custom Exhaust
✓ New Clutch
✓ Replaced Transmission
✓ New Guibo
✓ New Motor mounts
✓ New Transmission Mounts
✓ Installed previously missing interior sunroof panel
✓ Installed Front Recaro Seats
✓ Installed matching recovered Rear Seats
✓ Hood alignment

Its a long list, but its coming along very nicely. The car is reliable, fun to drive and a blast in the canyons. Cheers for German engineering! Here is a list of what I have planned in the next 6 months.

Radio (currently no stereo in it at all)
• Height adjustments – I still think the front is a tad high…will cut the coils down just a bit.
• Shifter rebuild – Its a bit noisy
• 5 Speed Upgrade
• Bumpers – debating wheter or not to do the small Euro bumpers or just shorten these.
• Paint and Body – Just knocking out the little dings and little rust spots and give it a nice repaint in the factory Fjord Blue.

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