Stance adjustments…..lower front! ITS PERFECT!

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So I have been pretty unhappy with the ride height of the car. I thought the front of the car was too high. Its very common for 2002’s to have the front higher than the rear. This is largely due to US ride height regulations. It states the front bumper needs to be a certain height. The standard ride height of the 2002 was not high enough so BMW decided to put a spacer on top of the front strut to raise the car about an inch. So I decided to lower the car front and rear with Ireland Engineering Stage II springs and Bilstein Sport shocks. Once I did that, the front was still too high. I played with the rear, and raised it twice, but still the car was too high in the front. So I did the unthinkable. I got a Dremel tool, and cut the Ireland Stage II springs. So I decided 1/2 a coil and knew that if it was too much, I was pretty much stuck and would have to buy a new set of springs. I cut the 1/2 coil and lowered the car down and WOW…..I love it…..The front is slightly lower than the rear. Its pretty low, but I am happy….In my opinion, the ride height is now finalized.

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