Stance adjustments…again!

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_D7X9027 - Version 2


So after about 2 days of driving the car settled and was just too low for daily driving. It also handled like crap. Rubbing everywhere and seemingly riding on bricks. I was afraid of this. Well I have just a few options now. Since cutting 1/2 coil off the springs, this is a permanent modification. BUT, there is one last hope. The spacer that is moves to the top of the strut tower can be moved back under the car. This spacer is about 1/2” thick so it should raise it that much…but is that too much? Only one way to find out. Its not a hard job, just raise the car, removing the 3 bolts on each side that hole the strut to the car and remove the spacer from the engine bay on top of the strut to under the car on top of the strut…then bolt it back up. Well when I dropped the car, i first thought…we are back where we started! But then it settled and THIS is perfect. Front still has the low look, but it rides soooo much better. Amazing what 1/2” will do. The car is smoother, more comfortable and no rubbing. I suppose that lower height was making the shocks work extra hard and was basically bottoming out at all times. Here are a few pics of the lower height…..


D7X_4652 1976 BMW 2002


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