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Not many of the followers of the site now the story behind the 2002. Well here goes.

When I was about 19 (over 20 years ago), I saved my money from my job at a computer store and bought a 1976 BMW 2002. I didnt have anyone look at it, I just saw it and bought it for $1500 from ad in the Classified Flea Market . The guy was in Sausalito. I brought the car home and the first thing my Mom said was, “Is that a BMW?!?!”. Yup, she was impressed I saved on my own and now was the proud owner of a BMW 2002. Well it was rough. Both doors were bad, exhaust manifold was cracked, the required smog equipment wasnt there and what was there wasnt working, had a hole in the drivers side floorpan, and the interior was shedding and leaving piles if stuffing everytime you got in or out of it. That didnt matter to me a bit. It was a 1976 factory sunroof car in Fjord Blue. Over the years, I restored the car, put 15” Rota rims on it Recaro Seats, Momo steering wheel and shift knob as well as a complete repaint. I LOVED that car and what it meant. I was able to with my own money buy a car, and fix it up. Since I couldnt smog it, I parked it…the head gasket was going, the clutch was going and I bought a Saab Convertible…While away on an extened business trip, my car was in the shop to work out the smog stuff. It sat there for 2 months. They put a mechanics lien on it and when I got back yup, my car was sold. My former employer said they talked to the shop and had actually paid the bill so I was COMPLETELY shocked. Well it was all legal and my pride and joy was officially taken from me. Fast forward 20 years. I always said I would own another one. I remember VIVIDLY the quirks or the car and even knew the things I would do differently if I got another 2002. There was a connection between m Mother and that car. The joy and pride I had bringing it home. Unfortunately in 2008 my Mother passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. It happened so fast…She was diagnosed in August and Passed in November. I was (and still am) devastated. Well on a December morning, I looked on Craigslist, in the Bay Area (why when I live in Newport Beach now, 500 miles away?!) for BMW 2002’s and it jumped out at me. A Fjord Blue, 1976 sunroof 2002! No way! I sent an email and called him. I said to myself, if this car is anything but a rust bucket, I am buying it! He emailed me back a bunch of pics. It was in decent shape, but it needed some TLC. It wasnt being driven much and mechanically it was tired. BUT the exterior was in good shape and the car was a runner and so I flew up the next day to where else…SUASALITO where the car was and bought this 2002 ONE BLOCK from where I bought a near identical 2002 20 years ago. In the year I have had the car, I have replaced the engine, transmission, clutch, every belt and hose under the hood, intake, carb, exhaust, stereo, speakers, all seats, door panels, wheels, shocks, springs, and carpet, and I STILL have things to do! I bought it because my Mom would have wanted me to have that car again and also to keep my mind off of things. To give me something to do with my idle time. Its now my daily driver, no more Lexus IS350. The IS just sat in the garage for months because I never drove it! The 2002 was just too fun! So the one year anniversary of my Moms passing was this past Monday. I had to go back to Oakland where she was buried. There was NO WAY that I wasnt going to drive the 2002 back to Oakland. For years I would drive up just for the day on all Holidays. Too much work to do back in SoCal, so I would drive up early AM, and leave in the evening. So thats exactly what I planned to do. I drove it and it was a blast! The car ran perfectly and if you know the drive there is a section of freeway called “the Grapevine”. This stretch is an extremely steep and windy part of the freeway. Big Rigs are doing about 35 MAX, alot of cars have to slow down to 50, and ALOT of them overheat. The 2002 was like a billy goat climbing this mountain! It was doing 85 the whole way without a sweat and could have gone FASTER! Never got hatter than normal and just handled it like it was any other stretch of road. In my opinion, the 2002 I have now was meant to be here. I feel that my Mother in some ways made it happen. Here are a few interesting facts.

When I bought the first 2002, I worked in a computer store that sold and fixed Apple Computers….I now work for Apple Computer after 18 years in the music industry. So like I did when I was 19, I drive a 2002 to work at a computer store.

I bought the first 2002 in Sausalito, California. A little town north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Not alot there, a few restaurants expensive property, and a harbor. I bought the 2nd 2002 in Sausalito.

Both 2002s are Fjord blue 1976 models with blue interior and factory sunroofs. Fjord blue is NOT a common color for 1976 model 2002s. In fact other than the 2 I have owned…I am not sure I have seen another 1976 Flord Blue…I have seen many 1975s and 1974s but not 1976s. Factory sunroofs were not a common option as well. So a 1976 Fjord Blue with a factory sunroof is kind of a unique car.

I just found out that both of my doors are bad…rust. So I will be replacing them both before my repaint.

History does have a way of repeating itself.

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