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I have installed a stereo and now I am starting to get some electrical issues. At night my lights flicker and my gauges bounce to the beat of the music or flicker when the turn signal is on. Also the temp gauge creeps up for no reason and reads much higher with the lights on. So its quite common for these cars to have ground problems but if you recall one of the first fixes I did was to remove the gauge cluster and clean all the contacts. So I didnt think the grounds on the gauges were the problem. Also we are talking JUST a stereo head unit, and there is no reason that this car should struggle with just a radio in it. So I looked under the hood and found a HORRIBLE looking battery cable. It was green and corroded and I am not sure how that can be a solid ground. So I ordered a replacement and went to install. Its a simple install. 2 bolds ground it to the car and then loosen to bolts on the negative lead on the battery and bam…old on is off. Well as soon as I touched the old cable it disintegrated. Crumbled into pieces. That was a bad cable and could of left me stranded! So I installed the new cable and voila! No more electrical problems. Gauges are rock solid and no more flickering lights. Great fix and an easy fix.

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