A 2002 first for me…Windshield Washers!!

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The car has been running great. Problem free. So it's giving me the opportunity to do some little things to make the car more liveable on a day to day basis. This is my second 2002 and neither have had a working windshield washer system. So my plan was originally to get all the factory parts but they are a little unruly looking in the engine bay. Not what I wanted since I'm trying to clean it all up. So I measured and found a great place. Just behind the headlights there is a small area. I found a aftermarket washer bottle designed for a vw bug that was pretty small and has a built in motor. Perfect! Rather than drill I used some industrial velcro and it keeps the bottle in place. I wired the pump to the stock wires for the washer so the stalk on the steering column activates the washers just like it should and I ordered new washer nozzles from the dealer at $20 each and put them in. The kit came with tubing that was perfect and I bought a T connector from Home Depot for $.99.

Empi VW Bug Washer Kit $30
BMW Washer Nozzles $40
Wire, Velcro, T Connector $10

Total $80

The results:
Love it. Its something that I have reached for at times when I have a dirty windshield and realized its never had it. Works like a stock system, yet its got a tiny bottle thats in a nice stealth location.

Empi VW Bug Washer Kit










Washer Bottle installed behind headlight





















New Washer Nozzles Installed










Video of the Results


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