BBS Wheels….Take 2

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I LOVE the look of the BBS wheels on the car.  Light, good looking and they have a period correct feel.  The only problem is above 80 MPH I get a vibration.  And lets be honest…with that motor and the 5 speed…80 MPH is EASY to hit!  So I bought another et of BBS wheels that look exactly the same.  The difference is they are from a different Mazda.  This time a Miata.  So they are already 4×100 bolt pattern.  No redrilling needed.  The only thing to do is polish the lips and paint the centers.  They are 15×6 vs 15×6.5 and the offsets are et45 vs et40 so I’ll need a bigger spacer for them but other than that it should be a solution to my wheel vibration.  Lets cross our fingers and see!

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