BBS Wheels Take 2:Good (lack of) Vibrations!!

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Had the newly refinished BBS wheels installed and the high speed vibrations are GONE!!  So the car is super stable…all is great right?  Well maybe not.  The new wheels are 15×6 et45 vs 15×6.5 et40 and it seems the old wheels have more of a lip on them and the centers are recessed a bit more.  It gives the wheels a more aggressive look, but its subtle.  My plan is to take the old wheels that are not drilled properly which I think was the cause of the vibrations and have them filled and redialed again then paint them BBS gold and have a gold set for those occasions when I’m feeling like I want that 70s BBS look.  But for now, I am loving the smooth vibration free ride!!


BMW 2002 waiting for the New BBS wheels to be mounted.
15×6 BBS wheels installed.

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