Break In Road Trip!

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Doing a drive from Newport Beach to Sacramento to visit family. It’s about 450 miles each way. If you are not familiar with the drive its all flat and straight interstate highway except for the Grapevine which is a steep and windy grade of road that is probably alot like the Autobahn. This is part 1. The drive up north.

The car ran absolutely perfect! The power at highway speeds is considerably more than before. It now pulls hard at 80 and keeps going! I didn’t go too far yet as I still wanna keep it below redline for a bit. Before te engine work the car would go up the steep highway at 85 mph but would kinda max out there. Other cars are usually huffing and puffing doing 65 and all the trucks are doing about 35. So 75-85 is actually good. Now after the work the car pulls pas 80 and is still going when I pull off. Wow. I would bet triple digit speeds are easily possible up this steep grade and under load. Impressive. It ran at 80 so perfectly and when I needed the power it was readily available. Very very happy with how it’s running. Temps are perfect. No issues and the oil pressure light used to flicker after freeway runs. Nope not a peep. I really have not found a downside for the 292 cam yet! I really love how this car is running!!


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