Break In Trip Part 2. Uh oh.

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Part 1 of the trip was a dream. About 8pm I set off from Sacramento and headed south on interstate 5. Keeping the car under 80 the whole way was the plan. When I stopped for gas I topped off the oil level. Gotta make sure the engine stays nice and lubricated! I am getting exhaust smell in the car. That’s not new. I think I need to replace my trunk seal as well as fill the holes left from the euro bumper conversion. Again the car run flawlessly until the very end of the trip. I got off the freeway and heard a strange noise. Uh oh. What’s that! It was a high pitched loud whine. It sounded like a poor stereo install with a loud alternator whine. I turned the radio and the noise was still there. I looked at all the gauges and all was well. The performance was the same. Just a loud whine from the engine. I was close to home and now it was 24 hours since I had slept and I was exhausted. I nursed it home. Parked it. Sent Ken Blasko an email and went to sleep. It was 5am. Around 8 I get a text message from Ken saying he would be by about 830 am! Wow! Ken gets there and we looked at the oil pressure. Checked it with a gauge. Pulled the plugs and checked them but we couldn’t find the source of the whine or anything wrong. He put a rag near the carb and the noise got muffled. Hmmm. He spruced carb cleaner all over the carb while it was running and got nothing. So this was odd. He moved some thins around and found that the main throttle shaft was letting in air which was making the loud whine. Everything else looks pretty good.

So to wrap it up the Break in trip was a huge success. It’s shaking out the little things that may or may not be related to the engine work.

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