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Today was a day that has even 3 years in the making! Today I installed the carpet kit I bought from Esty. It you are unfamiliar with Esty, let me tell you a but about her. She has many 02s and has designed carpet kits that are precut at a reasonable cost. Here is her website.

Years ago I bought a dark blue carpet kit to replace my now 36 year old dark blue carpet. My carpet now if white in places due to sun bleaching and old age. The kit was excellent. High quality Very well made and in the middle I got stuck and she emailed me back within minutes with more info. That’s amazing. Any issues with the kit is strictly the fault of the installer (Me).  So after 7 hours of work and a few emails from Esty…I am VERY pleased with the outcome!  No more dirty and dingy carpet….Definitely makes the interior much nicer…now the next major upgrade for the interior is the dingy headliner.


 Before –  37 year old Carpet




Old Carpet out 



Additional Sound and Insulation Applied


 Almost Done!


Carpet Installed!


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