Built…Not Bought! Euro “style” turn signals! Pt. 1

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My hot rod restoration buddy used to say this to me all the time. Better to build it than to buy it. So I was thinking outside the box and decided to try and modify my existing US turn signals. The US signals and bulky and extend beyond body lines. The Euro turn signals are streamlined and follow the body lines. So I have a broken turn signal from when someone hit my car in the parking lot. So I removed what was left of the yellow plastic lens. Modified the light bulb housing so it would sit deeper into the housing and got some clear acrylic and cut it to fit. Now I have a nice flush turn signal!

IMG_0267 IMG_0269
The plan is to tint them to a smoked grey and put yellow bulbs in them or maybe translucent yellow tape?  Right now they are absolutely clear but a smoked grey would blend in nicely with a freshly painted 02 in Fjord blue!

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