14 Days In

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At the halfway point.  The car has been in the shop for 14 days.  The body work is in process and the parts are getting cleaned up to get put on the car when finished.  I’m looking to get a few more parts for the car if possible.

Rear bumper seam covers.

This gives the rear bumper a nice smooth and clean look as it covers the seams where the bumper ends attach to the center section.

Euro turn signals.

This replaces the huge us turn signals that bulge out past the body lines with ones that are flush with the body.  New ones are still available at about $300 a pop.  OUCH!  Used ones are about half that but thats still $300 a pair.  US lights people pretty much GIVE this away.  Very plentiful and no one wants them lol…  If only you could somehow convert the US ones into something more like the European ones…I may have some ideas on ow to get the turn signals done…maybe a modern twist on the classic idea….Stay tuned!

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