Bumper polishing Pt. 1 Rear Bumper

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So in the time that the car is in Mexico, I am going to clean and polish all the parts that are going back onto the car.  The biggest things are the bumpers.  I got them fairly cheap used.  The rear having a few dings n the canter section and paint from overspray when a previous car was painted but the bumpers were not removed. (Its 6 bolts!!!  How lazy of someone!?!)  So all this time I have been living with the off white or maybe yellowish tan paint that was on the rear bumper.  Not anymore!

I started with #0000 grade steel wool which is ultra fine steel wool.  Leaves no scratches and is able to get paint off with a bit of elbow grease.  Some people use water with it but I used Diet Coke.  Yup Diet Coke!  The acid in it is good to remove grease, grime, dirt and rust and it lubricates the surface leaving a smooth finish very much like wet sanding.


The results:  Amazing!


The bumper had ALOT of grime and looked weathered.  Now aside from some of the pitting, the bumper looks great.  The shine is amazing and it will look GREAT on a freshly painted car.  now on to the front bumper which is in VERY good condition and should clean up perfectly!




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