Center Console: Installed!!!

Posted on restoration of my 1976 BMW 2002

I’m very happy with this post! If you have been following this has been a labor of love and it’s not finished yet at all but it’s wrapped, painted and completed. I am very very pleased with vinyl wrap job and the only thing I’m not happy with completely is the lacquer paint. The clear never seemed to dry and harden weeks after it’s been painted. So I will be looking at options for repainting the center. The fit is perfect! I am also happy I succeeded at making it work without any screws! A very clean look.





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  1. Nice console, everything fits together nicely!

    Can I ask how you re-wrapped the sides? did you simply use some vinyl fabric and glue?

    I’m working on mine now… and the side could use some love.

    1. I used a staple gun. A little heat from a heat gun to stretch the vinyl and stapling it nice and tight.

  2. John,

    Can you detail how you attached the sides to the face panel from behind/under without the screws showing. I’m getting ready to redo mine and I liked yours so much I think I will copy it. Any info on where you got the gauges would help also. Thanks.

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