Center Console…More Progress!

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Every day I get closer and closer to completion.  Heres what I did today!


Screwed on my modified mounting brackets to the face plate.



The idea is that I can lower the face down onto the bolts that are screwed into sides of the center console.





The cool thing about this is that my dream of having no visible screws seems to be coming closer to fruition.


I also did some grinding of the face for better fitment.  I also made sure the cubby fit just right.


I also removed the old center brace and bolted on my brace that will also be where I bolt on the radio support.




Here are some more pics of the state of things now.  The next steps will be cut the gauge holes out.  Cut the hazard switch hole and the electric fan switch hole.  Buy the gauges (will do a full writeup on that!).  Bondo, sand, primer and paint the face of the console.  Bondo, sand, primer and paint the shift surround.  Cover the sides in a nice leather like vinyl, then do a final assembly, then install in the car!




Click here for the next chapter!

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