Center Console: shifter surround refinish

Posted on restoration of my 1976 BMW 2002

IMG_5917.JPG Now that the faceplate of the center console is ready for paint it’s time to refinish and prep the shifter surround. The original has a textured plastic finish to it. I want it to match the face plate so I’m going to give it the same treatment. I also drilled a hole in it a long time ago for the electric fan override switch that’s now on the faceplate so the will give me a chance to repair the hole. So step 1 is to fix the hole. I get a scrap piece of plastic and use gorilla glue to put under the console. Then I use bondo to fill the hole. I’m also going to bondo the entire piece so I can get rid of the texture and have a super smooth finish that will match the faceplate. Here is the hole I’m fixing.  IMG_5916.JPG I applied a liberal amount of bondo. IMG_5918.JPG Then began sanding it down and applied the first coat of primer. IMG_5938.JPG   Now to sand it down, then hit it again with high build primer, then sand it down.  Then repeat the process until its perfectly smooth.

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