Center Console: More Progress

Posted on restoration of my 1976 BMW 2002

photo 2-3


Last update I began focusing on getting the shifter surround in better shape.  I filled the hole I drilled for a switch and applied a coat of bond to remove the texture from it.  Well its been about 5 coats of primer and lots of sanding and here is what we have now.


photo 1-3



I’m VERY pleased with the result.  Its smoothed and ready for final paint.  I also received the trim bezels for the VDO gauges.  I decided to assemble the center console with the radio, gauges, cubby and clock to really see where I stand.


photo 3-1


photo 5


Im tickled pink with the results so far.  Its EXACTLY what I wanted.  In case you are wondering the hole is for the stock hazard switch and the switch thats mounted is the lighted rocker for the manual override on the lactic fan.  Now its in the home stretch.


Whats left:

1. Get the sides recovered in Vinyl.

2. Paint the center section

3. New shift boot

4. Install!


The only question is what paint and what finish will I use for the center section and console surround?


My initial thoughts were gloss black.  The question is will I get the result I have in my mind?  Then there is satin black which is more common for these kinds of things…do I want more common?  Decisions Decisions!!


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