Center Console….the saga continues!

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bmw 2002 long center console
Mock up of my long center console for the 1976 BMW 2002.

I have done a lot of planning. Everything from 3D Cad blueprints to basic templates in the computer. I looked into 3D printing of the face, but I thing for the cost, good old fashioned wood is going to be the best option. So I have the template and all the exact measurements, its time to get the wood, bend it, trim it to size and begin the assembly of it!

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  1. Hello,
    Would it be alright if I can get a pdf of your center console template? I also have VDO gauges and plan to build my own center console. I really like your design and would like to incorporate it to my build. I would greatly appreciate it.
    Let me know if that would be alright.

    Thank you!

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