Center Console….Taking Shape!

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The last update we talked about the decision to bend wood versus 3D printing. I went to Ganahl Lumber and talked to a wood specialist. They deal in big projects so my little 8.5″ x 11″ piece if wood was basically scrap wood for them. They cut a piece and gave it to me! So I cut the wood down with my Dremel tool. Sanded the edges and got it to fit properly.



Once I was happy with the shape I used some nails to mark how I was going to bend the wood. Use the center console itself as a jig to bend the wood.



Then I soaked the wood. I did this before work and only had about 30 minutes to soak the wood. Another 20 or 30 would have probably been ideal but it was able to be bent by hand a bit.



I then bent it a bit more and placed it in the center console jig so to dry in that shape. My only hope is that the wood was soft enough to hold completely in that shape but if it does the next steps are to cut the holes for the gauges and the radio then start to painting of the center console and covering the sides in vinyl. It’s moving along unite well!!





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