Dash Lights fixed…….

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This week has gone by without too much work. I am waiting for the shop to become available for the engine swap. Its about a week from going in and about 2 weeks from being done….So I decided to do some little stuff this week. The Dash lights were not working well. They flickered at night and turn signals or brakes made the gauges jump. Sound likes the wiring. In addition to that there was ALOT of dirt on the inside of the gauges. So I pulled the gauge cluster, took it apart, cleaned the grounds, cleaned the plastic. Then I examined my light switch as well as all the grounds inside the dash. I put it all back together and BAM…no flickering dash lights. No jumping needles with the turn signals on. So its a good fix all in all….they BARELY jump when the brakes AND the turn signal is on….but thats ok for now…I am glad to have dash lights! Nice and clear plastic and all the lights are nice and bright….Check that off my list….next is to replace that old plastic steering wheel with the old school vinyl wrapping with the 3 spoke leather BMW sport steering wheel I picked up. Started to do it at the same time, but decided not to push things….save a bit for tomorrow.

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