Day 40….Countdown Continues…Turn signals completed!

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Day 40.  Wow...its been a LONG time since I have driven my baby!  We are down to about a week to go.  According to Ramiro the car will be sprayed today or tomorrow and then polished next week. It will get the headliner done next week as well.  Then its reassembly and I pick it up!  In the meantime, I have prepared the turn signals so they are ready when the car is returned.  I did more trimming and fine tuning on the one side I was working on while also doing the other side.  Here are the results!  I like the smoked better and I'll use a yellow bulb or maybe even yellow LEDs.  I gave the chrome a good clean with steel wool and diet coke.  They came out great!  Nice and shiny.  Here is a quick video I did on how to make these.  If anyone knows of where I can get different acrylic lenses let me know.  I got the amber and smoked gray from a plastic company on eBay.




Here are some pics of them installed.

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Fjord Blue BMW 2002

image image image _D7X4783

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