Day 34…Tijuana Visit

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So after a pretty long journey to the border with lits of Saturday traffic I got to Los Panchos and saw the car. Well the bodywork is indeed nearly done. One door is repaired and back on the car and the other door is 90% done. The car is straight as an arrow and all the body’s rust spots have been repaired. All the holes from the big bumpers are filled as well as the holes from the side reflectors and A pillar antenna that was removed. The odd rust spot and bent metal in the edge of the hood is fixed and they are still going to reinforce the hood supports as they are separating from the hood in a few places. I dropped off the Irrland front air dam to be painted with the car and they said the car should be in paint by next Saturday and then a week for polishing and headliner installation and putting things back together. So we are looking at 2 more weeks. The countdown continues!

Door rust repaired
Blocked and Sanded! Straight as an arrow!
Holes from side reflectors and big bumpers filled in.
Blocked and Sanded
Blocked and sanded.
Holes from reflectors filled in and the body straightened by block sanding.
Holes filled in from big bumper, ready from primer.

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