Front Suspension Part 3

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Bilstein Sport Shock and strut cartridges have arrived and I spent my day off under the 2002 wondering why in the hell I didnt just pay someone to do this work…..So after 3 hours of fighting with 33 year old bolts I got the entire strut unit out…then discovered I had the WRONG spring compressor….back to Autozone and then had the correct compressor then the bolt holding the strut top didnt want to give….another hour of fighting it and then I was in the clear…so I thought…had the old strut assembly complete with spring out of the car, had the new struts and springs all ready…except one thing….the new strut cartridge wont go all the way into the new strut tube! Spent HOURS trying everything short of a sledge hammer and no luck…that thing is not going in there. So I spent the last hour putting everything old back together and back into the car….ugh… about 5 hours of work and the car is EXACTLY the same as when I started….well at least I know intimately how to remove and rebuild a strut….Wednesday is my next day off…already have the engine scheduled for drop off in Huntington Beach and MAYBE I will give it another whirl…I may drop off that strut and insert monday and see if a shop can get it in…if so then Wednesday morning I’ll take another crack at it….I am disappointed that the car is not sitting 2+ inches lower and on BBS rims…..

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