Greetings From Germany!!!

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So here is a first. Something I thought I’d have to do a LOOOONG time ago. Order parts from Germany. I have an old radiator. I think it’s from a early 2002, which has slightly less cooling capability than later radiators. I also have 2 other old radiators I was going to have rebuilt with 3 cores or high efficiency 2 cores at a radiator shop. The prices to do that are close to $300 and in my research I found a place in Germany that makes new ones that are high efficiency 2 core that fit in the stock location and look stock. Shipped from Germany for about $300. No brainer!!!!  So this was my first official order from Germany!  It’s been 9 years and I have never had the need to place an order from Germany. That’s amazing. My thoughts were that it being a 42 year old car that there would be many things I’d have to search and scour to find and in reality most things for this car were found locally right here in SoCal!!  Here is my brand new radiator.  I plan on removing the old one, cleaning up and repainting that area while the radiator is out and then replacing all the hoses and then fill with all new fluids for a nice cooling system update. I might even do a new water pump while I am in there even though I did it a few years ago.  

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